Carcase Traits

When breeding Dohnes it is important to remember that a big Eye Muscle Area is not enough on its own. One of the most important things is to ensure that sheep have long bodies, especially with length in the loin area, as this is where the expensive cuts come from. Short, dumpy types do not produce good carcases.

On the ewe side a long, deep bodied animal is proven to be more fertile and to have more capacity for the rearing of multiple births, and is consequently a more productive and profitable animal.

The Roseville Park Wool Supreme

The tradition at Roseville Park of producing superior quality wool has not changed with the addition of the Dohne stud. A great deal of attention has been given to wool traits over the past ten years to ensure that the quality we produce is of the highest standard.

A fourth generation wool grower, Graham insisted that the Dohne wool had to measure up in every way to the wool he has traditionally produced. The challenge to achieve his “dream” sheep with excellent carcase traits and exceptional wool quality has taken up much of his time since 1999, and the result of his dedicated work has proved that it can be done. The wool is branded AAAM in compliance with AWEX COP and this has proven to be a bonus to the saleability of the wool, as buyers now recognise the quality of the wool from this Merino breed.

2018 Stud Calendar:

Coddington Uardry Ram Sale 

October 31st

in conjunction with Roseville Park Merinos

Hamilton, VIC

Hamilton Showground Vic 31/10/2018





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